High School vs Employment Resume (What's the Difference?)

High School vs Employment Resume

Why Does a high school student need a Resume?

Aside for the obvious reason of employment search, there’s an even better reason to have a winning high school resume!
A High School resume sets you apart from the tens of thousands of other college applicants. (The University of Michigan alone received more than 50,000 applications per year, and accepts only about 15,000.)

But how is a high school to college resume different from an employment resume?

There are similarities and differences between an employment resume and a high school to college resume.

Both have these things in common. They…

  • Contain your contact information at the top
  • List your employment history
  • Attempt to keep it to one side of one page (with a few exceptions)
  • Lists items in reverse chronological order

And that's about it.
Similarities are few. Differences are many.:

They each serve a different purpose:

The Purpose of the Employment Resume is to:

  • Match your...
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Does a high school student need a resume? In a word, YES!

Many people are aware that a high school student needs a resume for employment. But there are two different types of resumes. The high school to college resume and the employment resume. You will need one or both. This LINK tells you the difference.

For those who are homeschooled, we homeschool parents tend to think everything goes on the transcript. Not so fast!

Be careful not to put everything your high school student does on the transcript. 

Why not?

Because the purpose of the ‘transcript’ is to demonstrate the student's academic ability. Only that which is learned and graded is placed on the transcript. The purpose of the resume covers everything else: community service, activities, leadership, awards, honors, employment, ….

Parents who choose to put everything on the transcript are doing their students a disservice, including athletic activities that they want to use as PE. Here’s why this is a bad idea.:

PE in most states is a very...

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Don't stop looking for money


For the high school freshmen thru college student. Don't stop looking for money.

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My Senior Didn't Get Scholarships


 Watch to learn the likely reason your teen was not offered a scholarship.

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It's the Story that Wins Money!


You've probably heard of the book, 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'. But how do you win scholarships? Watch the video for a tip that makes your teen's application stand out!

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Scholarships with May Deadlines


Here are a few scholarship opportunities with May Deadlines! See if your student is eligible to apply! (Be your teen's Hero! Cracking the Code to Free College is the course that prepares you and your student to have applications that stand out above the rest and say, 'My student is AWESOME!') The course also have access to curated scholarships for every grade level through graduate school  

Let's get started!

May Deadline Scholarships:

Open to just about anyone:

 May 1st deadlines for U.S. Citizens and permanent residents, High school seniors, currently enrolled at or planning to attend a university or community college, graduate school program, distance-learning school program, vocational or trade school located in the continental US.:

Amount $1,000  Answer the question: "Who in your life has been your biggest influence and why?”(2021)

Amount $1,000  Answer the question: "Describe how you have demonstrated...

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Community Service for College Admissions

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ACT English Section Tips

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Reasons for College Admissions Rejections

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Are you wasting the middle school years? Part 2


(Missed the beginning? Go here for part 1. )

Middle school years are for trying something new. If the current sport or activity of choice is ‘nice’ but she’s not an exceptional athlete, or not receiving music, dance, or artistic accolades, from authentic strangers, it might be time to consider alternatives, or at least ask if there is an entrepreneurial or volunteer opportunity in which this skill can be used during high school.

Here are some thoughts…

If your child has been in sports, try different sports during middle school to find the one he is most passionate about and has the most skill. Unless he’ll be MVP in all sports (and few athletes are) he’ll want to focus on one sport or become a little league coach or assistant coach.

If your child has been in Boy Scouts of America, is he loving it? Loving the awards? Do you see him attaining the rank of Eagle Scout before high school graduation? If so, then have a PLAN to ensure this happens....

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