Looking for GIANT scholarships?

"I've told my kids to not bother applying for scholarships that are under $10,000."

Really? $500 is more than you had in the bank yesterday!

A lot of families are looking for high-dollar scholarships. I understand. It seems like a waste of time to apply for $500 or $1000 scholarships when there are $20,000 to $100,000 or more $ available. And as cute as that sounds, it's a very poor scholarship strategy.

I hear it often enough though so I thought I should at least address it.

Jenn asked:

"Outside of Gates/Posse/Questbridge/Bryan Cambell/Jackie Robinson Scholarship are there any more scholarships that offer meaty scholarships like these to students at any school? (Looking for non-school-specific scholarships that can cover any major.)"

There are some REALLY big scholarship opportunities, some that almost anyone can apply for.:

The Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway
Ronal McDonald House Charities Scholarship
Burger King Scholars
Davidson Fellow Scholarship
Elks National Foundation...

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