Know your core values before applying for college and scholarships

Does your family have a set of core values? Does your teen?
Values guide our every decision, including the decision of which COLLEGE to attend and which EMPLOYER to work for.
This is an important bit of information most families have not and are not considering. Living by your values, or not, influences your happiness and contentment with life. It's important to know your values and know if the decisions you are making are in alignment with those values.
For example, 3 of my core values are INTEGRITY, SERVICE, and FAMILY.
Integrity includes values such as honesty and truth.
About a year ago I got so frustrated seeing my friends consistently repost things that they didn't bother to research, that I imposed a '3-strikes, you're out' policy. I shouldn't have to do the research for you to find that what was posted is false. Needless to say, my Facebook feed is much more pleasant to read.
Service is a value that was passed down by my...
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I need ANOTHER email for scholarship applications??


I’m one of those parents that is very much involved in the scholarship search process. But whoever is doing the searching, parent or the teen, you’ll need to have a separate email for the sole purpose of searching for scholarships.

You WILL BE inundated DAILY to apply for scholarships, and it’s easier to delete what doesn’t apply to you, if they are not mixed in with your personal emails. You can decide if you want those emails to be downloaded daily to your your computer or if you will go online to review them each day.

I advise getting a free, unique, email from gmail to use for scholarship searches. It can be anything you want (exp: ABCscholarship@gmail…. where ABC is your teen’s Initials.) Sounds crazy but you will THANK ME later!

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Happy Scholarship Hunting!

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