Personality traits predict future success

Most people think that success, especially financial success, is reserved for the wealthy or the geniuses among us. (For example, when most parents hear that my kids won 17 scholarships totaling $199,000 they automatically think they must have been really brilliant. Then they are astounded to learn that most of the scholarships didn't ask for GPA or test scores.) The truth is you don't have to be wealthy to increase your wealth, and you don't have to be a genius to be successful. The research in this article shows just the opposite.

I encourage you to read it and see if you can pick out the traits that predict success and compare them with your children. Do you see those personality or character traits in your teen? What can you do to encourage or foster the development of those traits?
Read the article. Make the list. Work on developing those skills with your kids.


Denise Thomas
Your Debt-Free College Coach

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