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Cracking to Code to FREE College

In this 6-week course you will...
Create a comprehensive 4-year high school timeline, Learn how to Win scholarships,
Strategize college entrance exams, and
Create an application package that has colleges begging your kids to go to their school!

Parents Hire Me to Discover How to Get Their Kids Into College Debt Free!

Because most don’t know where to begin to secure scholarships,

Didn’t save for college

And have no idea what college boards are looking for.

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Why you need a resume, Wasting the middle school years, Homeschool transcript errors, Colleges that offer Free Ride Scholarships, and More!

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You Could Win Scholarships!

Cracking the Code to Free College takes you from Overwhelm to Overcome and includes the Winning Resume and Portfolio course. Your teen's application package will get noticed by college admissions boards. his is how to say 'My Kid Is Awesome!'

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FREE 1-hr Class for PARENTS:

Discover how to get your kids into college with scholarships!

Financial Independence

Parents and students gain financial independence when scholarships and financial aid are in the mix. I did it and so can you!

Cracking the Code to FREE College; Homeschool Transcript & Portfolio

This is the part of
What am I missing?!
… that you’re missing!
Gain the undivided attention of college admissions & scholarship boards.

1:1 Coaching,
Free Community,

Find our what's happening in high school to college discussions. Whether homeschooled or  traditional school...
pre-k through high school
I'm here for you! 


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