"Keep your money in your investments. Send your kids to college on other people's cash! "~Denise Thomas

Does the idea of paying for your kid's college keep you up at night?

70% of college students graduate with student loan debt averaging $32,700 taking 21 years to pay off!

It doesn't have to be that way. 

Give your child the opportunity to begin their young adult life with complete financial freedom!  

30% graduate debt free. How are they doing it? I did the research so you don't have to! With more than 7000 hours of research and my proprietary 7-step strategy, my 2 homeschooled children attended college on more than $199,000 in scholarships for 4 years of college, debt-free, with cash left over. They got PAID to go to college!

This strategy is repeatable! 600,000 college students graduate debt-free every year.

I'm Denise Thomas, Your Kids Can Get Paid to Go to College Coach. I Cracked the Code to Free College for both my kids and so can you.

Nationally only 1 in 8 students wins a scholarship and 97% of those win $2500 or less. And only 0.3% win enough scholarships to cover their college costs. 😢

Using the Cracking the Code blueprint 100% of families win scholarships, and 31% have college completely paid for, most of those get paid to go to college.


Cracking the Code outpaces national statistics by 10,000x!


This process begins as early as middle school. Don't wait!

We're on a MISSION to FLIP the student loan statistic in the U.S. and it all begins with YOU.

What makes this different? Why does this work?

"What makes this process different?" When I asked this question to one of our graduates she said,

"It's the difference between Six Flags and Disney World. Both have the same components, rides, food, and entertainment. But Disney does two things differently, marketing and storytelling. That's what Cracking the Code does that others don't."

Yes, your application will have the same "components" as other applications, but your content is different. With the Cracking the Code blueprint we are marketing your teen To the colleges and scholarship committees, telling the story of who your child is. That's why this is so successful.

Not Sure How to WIN Scholarships and College Acceptance? 

USE THIS CHECKLIST before your teen submits college or scholarship applications! Know what scholarship judges look for and your teen can begin applying today! From Kindergarten through professional school free money can be yours. Don't let your kids become a college debt statistic! Get scholarships instead of loans. 

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I Cracked the Code to Free College

~So Can You~

Your teen CAN go to college debt free!

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"My daughter started running out of funds during her second year of college ...  My daughter took her advice and before we knew it, my daughter had money in her account for college. Thanks for your expertise, Denise!
Forever Grateful! ~ Jenny


"I’m a single mom and had Denise's help searching for scholarships for my son...In addition to his scholarships, he is managing all of his bills on his own. He won't even take free groceries from me!
Then I decided to go to college! I have earned scholarships from 3 different organizations and my extra scholarships are building my emergency fund! 🙂 Thank you for all you do and have done to help me and my son. ~ Joy

Cici (Africa)

"Following Denise's mentorship, my son won an international full-ride scholarship to any college in the U.S. I'm now following her advice for my younger son! I can sleep at night."


"My mom met Denise and immediatelypurchased Cracking the Code for me and my son when he was a high school freshman. He won multiple scholarships and is getting paid to go to college! (I can't thank you enough!)"

Parents hire me to put their kids through college debt free

because most didn’t save for college, are starting too late, and have no idea what college boards are looking for. So, I help them discover resources they never knew about that have colleges begging their kids to go to their school. Bottomline, you don’t have to risk your retirement for your kids college fund. 

With Cracking the Code to Free College your kids can live the life of their dreams.


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