You CAN do this!

Nearly 600,000 college students graduate debt free EVERY year.
The earlier you start, the more opportunities you'll have.

Cracking the Code to Free College

Literally EVERYTHING you need to go from high school freshmen year to college admissions and scholarships. This course includes ALL the other courses and much, much more!

Find College Scholarships in 5 Days!

This is HOW to find outside scholarships your teen has the best chances of WINNING!
Isn't that the point?

Homeschool Transcripts and Portfolio Course

Homeschoolers make a lot of mistakes on their transcripts that can cost them big money. My transcript got my kids admitted to every college they applied to. You can do this too!

Your College Fast Pass Summit

Interviews from U.S. top experts on topics such as college admissions essays, scholarships, loans, ACT and SAT strategies, and more.


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