Personalized service for $15,000 in Year 1,
$12,000 in Year 2 and later.

This program is a 1:1 service for a limited number of clients per year.


* Your teen will work directly with Denise Thomas to produce a personalized 4-year High School Timeline (by year)

* The school year your teen is in currently will determine the number and how often your teen will meet with Denise.

We'll assess your teen's Activities and determine how to expand on their interests to produce the most cohesive college application package that markets your teen to the colleges

* We'll produce a professional CV and high school to college Resume which 
your teen will learn how to make changes for college Internships and post-graduate employment

* We'll work together to find Scholarships your teen has the best chance of Winning while finding other sources of Money for College, work on College Admissions applications and Scholarship applications

* We'll determine what factors are important to your teen when determining college choice and assist in making their college list, emphasizing colleges that offer scholarships for a more affordable bottom line

* We'll discuss Career Planning

* Build an Extracurricular Portfolio

* Personal support

* Downloadable Templates to organize
      *Scholarship Search
      *College Search

Additional Services

* In addition to our private appointments your teen may attend Regular Office Hours to Ask Questions and Get Additional Feedback

* You and your teen will have Lifetime Access to the digital course content ($5000 value)

*Retake the Live Course anytime for free ($5000 value)

* The Scholarship System© 5 Days to Find College Scholarships Course ($500 value)

* Winning Scholarship Essays Book ($25 value)

* ACT or SAT Strategy Training ($800 value)

*Transitioning from High School to College ($1000 value)

* College entrance exams - when and why

*Expert Interviews from Your College Fast Pass Summit & College Prep & Success Summit

* How social media can determine your teen's outcome

* Making the most of summers

* College tour checklist

* Life Skills-Don't Leave Home Without It

Access to Me! (Priceless!)

30-Day money Back Guarantee

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I can't guarantee your teen will win scholarships, but this is exactly how my kids won, and how nearly 30% of my client's college students graduate debt-free every year!

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What would your child's life look like with ZERO student loan debt?

Time for hobbies and Interests.

"Adventure is worthwhile."

Time with family.
"Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend." ~Theophrastus

Freedom to live the life they were meant to live..

Give your child the gift of TIME, TRAVEL, FAMILY, and FREEDOM!

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