Is your college kid looking for a summer internship?

Is your college kid looking for a summer internship?

Here are some tips:

Do a general Google search -your town, summer internship, college major or job title. (Depending on where you live, there may or may not be opportunities close to home. It’s good if they can live at home though. Otherwise you have to find summer housing and pay for it.)

Using indeed dot com is a great start. Use keywords such as “summer” “internship” and “entry level”-that one may be a checkbox.

The college career center should have a relationship w handshake or some other online service where employers who recruit from your college post job opportunities thru the college.

Once your teen finds a company with an internship that fits, look through the rest of the summer internships with that company. There are usually other internship positions your teen will qualify for.

The Majority of Online applications are using an “applicant tracking system” to screen...

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Expert Tips for Internship and Post College Graduation Employment

College seniors have their hands full before graduation, and they may miss some important career-prep activities. Here is a last-minute checklist of things to do before graduation and begin their job search. All of these are also for college summer internship employment as well.

It's never too late to begin looking for internship or post graduate employment. However, many employers begin posting applications for both as early as the August of college senior year. So don't wait. Start now!

___ Line up references (professors, internship managers,
supervisors, etc.) 

visiting career services,

___Clean up all social media pages

___ Register with the college or university career center. Employers who often recruit from your college or university may post applications through the career center. In most cases you will not be notified when a matching opportunity comes along so be sure to check the site weekly.
___ Register on several employment websites such as ...
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