What is RAISE.ME and How Does It Really Work?

What is Raise.Me and How does it REALLY work…

Raise.me is not a scholarship program in the sense that most people think of scholarships.

#1 Raise.me partnered with about 200 of the nearly 5000 colleges and universities in the US. That’s a very small percentage.

#2 These particular schools partner with raise.me to guarantee a ‘small’ scholarship amount (see #3 for how the money is earned) to the student who applies and is accepted to that one school.

#3 Students ‘earn’ scholarship money by getting good grades, participating in sports and extracurricular activities. The value of each depends on the college.

But here’s the rub…

The scholarship amount is the MINIMUM that the student will receive, and is NOT in addition to entering freshmen scholarships the school may offer. It is called a ‘micro-scholarship’ because it will be less than the school would generally offer an entering freshmen with decent stats.

It is intended to incentivize students who do not score well on the ACT or SAT but may have good grades in high school. If your teen does well on grades AND test scores for the school to offer a scholarship anyway then the raise.me scholarship is not at all helpful. Again…this is to incentivize students who would not perform well enough to earn the regular college entering freshmen scholarships.

Bottom line… Raise.Me is NOT an outside scholarship and is NOT in addition to the college scholarship.


As a side note, not every college on the site is a partner. Many students have been confused by this.:
        “We have many profiles on the site for institutions that are not yet partnered with RaiseMe. This is so students can find new schools that fit what they're looking for, and can consider those alongside the colleges that do offer micro-scholarships.”… “If a college page says "
Follow to become notified when scholarships become available from this school," then the student is not eligible for micro-scholarships or that school is not a partner. They can/should still Follow the college to indicate interest in the school, and they'll immediately begin earning if the school ever becomes a partner.”

So there you have it. Now that you know what it really is, you can participate knowing what the outcome may be.


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