High School vs Employment Resume (What's the Difference?)

High School vs Employment Resume

Why Does a high school student need a Resume?

Aside for the obvious reason of employment search, there’s an even better reason to have a winning high school resume!
A High School resume sets you apart from the tens of thousands of other college applicants. (The University of Michigan alone received more than 50,000 applications per year, and accepts only about 15,000.)

But how is a high school to college resume different from an employment resume?

There are similarities and differences between an employment resume and a high school to college resume.

Both have these things in common. They…

  • Contain your contact information at the top
  • List your employment history
  • Attempt to keep it to one side of one page (with a few exceptions)
  • Lists items in reverse chronological order

And that's about it.
Similarities are few. Differences are many.:

They each serve a different purpose:

The Purpose of the Employment Resume is to:

  • Match your skills with those listed in the job description.
  • Match your values with that of the company you are applying to.
  • Match your education level with the requirements in the job
  • Lists only those skills, values, and education that are relevant to the
    position you are seeking.
  • In addition, activities and awards may be listed briefly if they are relevant to the position but not expounded upon.

The employment resume hopes to answer the question, “Why should we hire you?”

In many, if not most circumstances, the goal of a winning employment resume is to get the interview.

The purpose of The High School to College Resume is to:

  • Let the college recruiter or scholarship board know who you are
    and what you will bring to the campus or community.

Instead of “Why should we hire you”, the High School Resume answers the questions: ”Why should we accept you to this university or for this scholarship. What makes you different? What can you contribute to the campus community?”

  • Lists your activities starting from June following your 8th-grade year
    to present, including summer breaks.

Activities include extracurricular, in and out of high school, as long as it is not duplicated as a ‘for credit course’ on your high school transcript.

But MORE importantly,

  • The High School resume gives you a jumping-off point into writing
    your story. Also known as a ‘personal statement’, your story is
    needed on many scholarship and college applications.

The High School Resume, for the purpose of a scholarship or college admittance most often, does not culminate in an interview, but in an acceptance letter.

That, my friend, is the ultimate goal! You only have one shot.
There are no second chances.

It’s important for the high school to college resume to be polished, with no mistakes or grammatical errors. The result of the Resume with the Portfolio is that your college application will stand out from the tens of thousands of other applicants, giving you the advantage over your peers!

Now that you understand the purpose of the High School to College Resume and Portfolio, take the next step in helping your teen secure their financial future and yours. Don't miss a thing. You can Crack the Code to Free College. Step into the shoes of the 600,000 students who graduate debt-free. 

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