Cracking the Code to Free College

(CCFC) The High School to College Roadmap

100% of CCFC families win scholarships
(Nationally only 1 in 8 college students wins a scholarship.)

31% of CCFC families cover their entire cost of attendance with scholarships
(Nationally only 0.3% of college student.) cover their entire cost with scholarships

What is Cracking the Code to Free College?

Cracking the Code to Free College is a 7-module roadmap modeled after the strategy Denise used that won her two homeschooled teens 17 scholarships totaling more than $199,000. In Cracking the Code to Free College parents create their teen's high school experience that colleges will pay for!
College costs are high but college expenses don’t have to be. 600,000 college students graduate debt-free every year. What are they doing that the rest of us don’t know about? This course is the culmination of thousands of hours of research and takes you through the steps that put your teen in a position to achieve their goals without being saddled with monstrous student loan debt. 
Begin the course as early as middle school with strategies that build on your teen‚Äôs abilities, character, and values. Design your teen's high school experience, and build your teen‚Äôs brand to answer the question, ‚ÄúWhat are college admissions and scholarship committees looking for?‚ÄĚ They‚Äôre looking for you!¬†Don‚Äôt leave money on the table!
Who is this for?
- U.S. parents of college-bound middle through high school students who would like to keep their money and send their kids to college without the financial drain or debt.
- Families who believe they won‚Äôt ‚Äúget anything‚ÄĚ due to a high income and assets.
Who is this NOT for?
- Families looking for a miracle after their teen has committed to a college and they are hoping to find another $40k-$50k per year.  
- Families that are convinced their teen must attend Harvard or other colleges that don't offer merit scholarships.
*Perfect GPA and test scores aren't enough for college acceptance today. Show colleges that your teen is exactly the student they're looking for!
*Keep your retirement and investments. Let scholarships pay for your teen to attend college. (Buy a house for your kid’s college graduation gift instead!)
*Anyone is eligible. Scholarships begin in kindergarten and go through professional school. Most private scholarships don't ask for GPA, test scores, or income.
*Never miss important dates: What to do when-This is Not your high school counselor's timeline!
*Build your teen's Personal Brand based on their values, character, and interests, for college and employment
*Find scholarships your teen has the best chance of winning.
*Navigate national databases while avoiding scholarship scams and email spam.
*Thinking outside the box: 50 ways to find additional money for college.
*Write the winning college and scholarship essay
*Market your teen to college admissions. Have colleges wanting your teen.
Starting early removes the stress and anxiety everyone else is going through. Lifetime access: Begin as early as middle school and take your time. 
A lot has changed since parents attended college and seems to change every year. How can parents keep up? The truth is, even high school counselors can't keep up. Creating your teen's high school experience so that colleges will offer large scholarships, begins much earlier than high school senior year. It begins NOW. Waiting until your teen has made mistakes based on what everyone else is doing, is a recipe for what everyone else is getting... College debt.
Start Cracking the Code to Free College NOW, and have your teen's college paid for on multiple scholarships.

Success is SWEEEEET!
$199,000 in scholarships!

Not only do these students live a different life from their debt-ridden peers, so do their parents. Imagine not having to worry about how to pay for next semester's tuition or how to pay your own living expenses because you used your retirement for your child's college fund. Graduating without debt, both young adults and parents can enjoy life and do what they were meant to do... Affect Change in Their World.

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"I contacted Denise on a referral from a friend. Since it was December of my son's senior year and he was already accepted to his college, I thought all I needed was help in finding scholarships to fill the gap. "So, can I just take the scholarship course?" Denise explained that finding scholarships is easy. Winning them takes strategy. I signed up for the full Cracking the Code to Free College course but she made me promise to NOT SKIP steps! 
All I can say is, she's a genius! "


"I had Denise's help searching for scholarships for my son...then in May 2020, I decided to go to the local community college! So far, I have earned scholarships from 3 different organizations and began working in the Admissions office as a Work/Study employee since the end of April. Thank you for all you do and have done to help me and my son. In addition to his scholarships, he is earning money through a part-time job on campus and managing all of his bills on his own. He won't even take free groceries from me...haha! : )  Thank you so much, ~ Joy

P.S. I have been stocking my scholarships in savings, just to have an emergency fund!"


"My daughter started running out of funds during her second year of college and was not sure where to go or what to do to get scholarships or student loans. The amount of information out there is overwhelming especially for a young and busy college student. Thankfully, I had met Denise Thomas and set up an appointment for my daughter and I to meet with her over Zoom. Denise answered all our questions. My daughter took her advice and before we knew it, my daughter had money in her account for college. Thanks for your expertise, Denise!
Forever Grateful!"

Pilfering Your Retirement Investments for Your Kid's College Fund?

Probably not a good idea. The average public university cost of attendance is just over $100,000. While it may not seem like a big deal to withdraw $100,000 or so, the impact is a loss of more than $800,000 to your retirement.

"You can't eat a diploma!"~Denise Thomas

What would your young adult's life look like with ZERO student loan debt?

Time for hobbies and Interests.

"Adventure is worthwhile."

Time with family.
"Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend." ~Theophrastus

Freedom to live the life they were meant to live.

Give your child the gift of TIME, TRAVEL, FAMILY, and FREEDOM!

Why work with Denise?

International best-selling author, TEDxTenayaPaseo speaker, and coach to parents of college-bound teens, Denise Thomas’s mission is to inspire, educate, and equip parents who take an active role in supporting their children to live a life of financial freedom.  Denise is a 20-year homeschool veteran having homeschooled her two children from Pre-k through high school. Using her proprietary repeatable strategy both attended their first-choice college on 17 scholarships exceeding $199,000, walking out of college with cash in hand. Denise says, you can keep your money. Send your kids to college on other people's cash! 
“College doesn't have to be a DEBT sentence.”~Denise Thomas

You can save hundreds of thousands of dollars!
Immediate access when you join!

You don't have to wait for the opening of a live series! One module opens each week! This is NOT only how to find and win scholarships. This course covers EVERYTHING we did that won multiple scholarships, got acceptances to every college applied to with scholarship offers, AND had colleges begging my kids to come to their school.


* 7 video coaching sessions ($2997 value)
      -Branding for Success (Your Teen's Digital Footprint) 
      - 4-year High School Timeline for Parent and Student-Who does What! And more importantly, WHEN!
      - Activities-The importance to Colleges. What impresses? What doesn't? 
      - Resume-Build your teen's high school to college CV and Resume (different from the employment resume) & How to change it for College Internships and post-graduate employment.
      - Finding Money for College-What does it take to win scholarships; Where else to find money for college?
      - College Admissions and Scholarship Essays-What are colleges and scholarship committees looking for in the winning essay.
      - Choosing a College-Choosing colleges, that WANT your teen.
      - Career Planning -for the student without a clue.
      - Building an Extracurricular Portfolio-Completion for one of the largest local and national U.S. scholarships.

* Personal support ($997)
* Downloadable Templates ($397 value) to organize
      *Scholarship Search Spreadsheet
      *College Search Spreadsheet
      *Portfolio Templates
* Regular Q&A Office Hours - Ask Questions, Get Feedback.
* Lifetime Access to prerecorded course content
*Retake the Live Course anytime for free ($3000) Taught  in Live group sessions once each year



* The Scholarship System© Advanced College Scholarships Video Course-Where to find scholarships your teen has the best chance of winning

* Winning Scholarship Essays-know what the winning essay reads like. What connects with the reader for the win?

* Monthly Q&A's with me to ask any questions. Can't make it that day? Submit your questions in advance and I'll answer it live. you'll get the replay.

* Monthly Expert Masterclasses on special topics

* College entrance exams-your high school counselor has it all wrong.

* Summit Expert Interviews-20 interviews with actionable steps.

* How social media can determine your teen's outcome

* Making the most of summers

* College tour checklist, & questions to ask, and what not to ask.

* Homeschool Bonus: Transcripts, Counselor Report, & Academic Portfolio

* 1-Year Access to Me! (Priceless!)

This is me with our 42 foot motorhome after we dropped off our last kid to college debt free.

This strategy not only helps your teen to live differently than his peers, you might too! This is exactly how my kids attended college on $199,000 in free money!

Never lose money! If you previously purchased a Get Ahead of the Class course 100% of your previous purchase price goes toward Cracking the Code to Free College. Just get in touch with me and we'll work out the details.

30% of college students graduate debt-free, almost 600,000 students every year. After 7000 hours of research this is the exact strategy both my children and others have used to attain a debt free education.

The earlier you start, the more opportunities your child will have. Don't leave money on the table.
Join the 30%!

Success is SWEEEEET!
$199,000 in scholarships!

Not only do the students live a different life from their debt-ridden peers, but so do their parents. Imagine not having to worry about how to pay for next semester's tuition or how to pay your living expenses because you used your retirement for your child's college fund. Graduating without debt, both you and your young adults can enjoy life and do what you were meant to do... Affect Change in Their World.

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Yes! I often hear parents repeating the myths that have kept our young adults in student loan debt for decades... Myths such as

"We Make Too Much Money. My kid won't get anything."

Not true! The majority of academic or merit scholarships are usually not tied to family income. (We were making 6-figures when my teens won all that moolah!) But the earlier you begin, the more opportunities there are. There are scholarship deadlines every month and they begin in kindergarten! Get Started Now!

"Only geniuses win scholarships."

Actually, the majority of scholarships don't ask for GPA or test scores. Answering a simple essay question is often all it takes.

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