Elon Musk Rules for Success-Work Like Hell

The first rule, "Work Like Hell." I'm not going to sugar coat it. I want you to succeed as I did. A debt-free college education can change your life and the lives of your kids. It's worth it. Hands down. You'll never hear someone say, they wish they had college loans instead of going through the effort to gain a debt-free degree. But you will hear, 'It wasn't worth it' when they've graduated with tens or hundreds of thousands in student loan debt. 

There are a lot of takeaways and 'gold nuggets' when you have the opportunity to listen to Elon Musk in this video. But his first 'rule for success' in this interview is 'Work Like Hell".  I have to agree.

Very little comes from a silver platter in life and when the goal is to achieve a debt-free college education, there is work involved. A lot of work. Someone has to look for scholarships. Someone has to complete the application (your kid.) I've known National Merit Scholar parents expected scholarship offers to show up at their door. It doesn't work that way. And parents who have said things such as, 'Scholarships are a scam because my kid applied to 20 scholarships and didn't win any.' I sigh and shake my head, '20? you're not even close.' There are more than a billion scholarships, and even in poor economic times companies and foundations are adding scholarships. 

Gaining a debt-free education for most takes more than waiting by the mailbox. It takes more than just applying for scholarships. It takes a determination like no other. THIS is the goal. 

Many of you have heard my story. Having no savings and no credit due to bankruptcy, there would be no college loans to co-sign. This kind of desperation and determination is what brought me to the "work like hell" success that made it happen for my kids. This is what makes it happen for the vast majority of the 600,000 college students who graduate debt-free every year. Yes, good grades and test scores are offered the highest scholarships from the college or university. But corporate and foundation scholarships, the more than one billion of them, don't ask about grades and test scores. 

Cracking the Code to Free College doesn't just show you how to 'find' scholarships. That's the easy part. It shows you how to WIN scholarships, to find colleges that want YOUR kid enough to pay to get them to go there, and how to think outside the box to find money. 

If you haven't joined Cracking the Code to Free College, what are you waiting for? Free money deadlines are every month. The longer you wait, the more money you've left on the table. (Scholarships begin in kindergarten. and don't stop until that last parchment is in hand.)




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