Your Teen has a Brand: Social Media Can Kill Your Teens Future


Your Teen has a Brand: Social Media Can Kill Your Teen’s Career & Future!

To parents of teens & college students, & those that teach & counsel them. If you haven’t had this discussion, & if you have, remind them again & again.

Every employer, scholarship agency & college is monitoring perspective student/intern's social media content. This before they hire you, and during employment as an adult! Creepy, I know. But hear me out.

Companies don’t want to be seen in a negative light. On your own time, you are still an employee: What you do, who you are, reflects on them.

Potential illegal activity should go without saying. But the following can and has been cause for dismissal.

Alcohol, holding a glass of wine, being drunk, get tagged in a post or photo you’re NOT EVEN IN, but now you are associated with the behavior.

Personal Faith
Gun rights

When your faith is strong, it’s likely you’ll post or ‘like’ something that can be seen as ‘intolerant’.

Employers or a coworker could feel threatened or not want to work with someone with those views. Tenured professors have been fired for personal social media posts.

Faith & 2nd amendment are constitutional rights. They are. It’s not right, It’s not fair. Until we file lawsuits every time this happens it will only get worse.

I’m not concerned as much about constitutional rights, as I like you, wouldn’t want to work for a company that didn’t respect that.

We live in a very different world. Today, you can’t do anything stupid, someone will catch it on camera & it’s online forever.

(That time at the party? Decided to flash someone?… Could be that you were drunk. Plastered.-it doesn’t matter. Fired.)

(Texting personal pics to a boyfriend..Do you really think he’s the only one seeing it? It’s not valuable to him unless he shows his friends! Apps that supposedly delete a photo within seconds-Are you really that stupid? They just have to take a screenshot before it disappears. Do NOT trust your friends.)

Talk to your teens. Monitor their social media with a discerning eye.

FOR DETAILS on how to strategically assess and monitor yours or your teen's social media accounts, go to this article:

(Original article dated 3/2018. This article was updated 10/2021)


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