Mind the Gap: Is Your Teen Considering Taking a Gap Year?

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2021
Is your teen considering taking a Gap Year? What are the Pros and Cons?
A gap year can be very good for your teen IF they have a good reason such as…

-exploring opportunities that will help them decide on a college major or career path
-working to save money for college cost
-traveling worldwide to expand their knowledge of self and experiences
-working with a mission team abroad

However, if they are going to spend their time playing video games then no. This is not a good idea.
Colleges like it when a teen has a plan and fulfills it.
Assuming college is the next step after a gap year there are 2 ways to approach it. If the teen does not have the stats for scholarships then this part is not a big deal. However, if your teen is expecting scholarships, then the teen should talk with the admissions (and the financial aid/scholarships) office of the schools he plans/hopes to attend and ask how they prefer he approach it?
Some colleges prefer you to apply during high school senior year, gain acceptances and scholarship offers, then ask the college to hold his place and scholarships for the following year. (Most allow a hold for one year. )
Other colleges prefer you to wait to apply the following year

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