Love what you do.

key to success steve jobs Apr 23, 2023

This should go without saying, and the quote doesn’t end there. But let’s talk about how this quote applies to your teens.

It applies in several ways.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”~Steve Jobs

This is the key to college acceptance and winning scholarships. I talk about it in more
Detail at homeschool and financial conferences.

Career choice.
Although the many teens feel they “know” their college major and career path, statistically they don’t. This one misstep costs them their future happiness. You CAN get it right the first time! I have a team of experts who can direct your teen to their perfect career for them. (DM me “career life coaches for teens for my contacts.)

College acceptance-Where do you fit into the campus community? Who are you?
Colleges are Not looking for the Jack of all trades. They’re looking for “focus”, what light you up? What you love to do that is integral to who you are. You wouldn’t be YOU without it. It’s a developmental step that builds character. And it doesn’t suddenly come in senior year. You have to find it and build it over time. What is that for your teen? If you don’t know, your teen is at a disadvantage for college acceptance today. For the majority of colleges GPA and test scores are not enough. Don’t wait on this point.

Community service.
When you love your work, the impact is exponential. Just with “adult” employment applications and resumes, college and employers like to see “numbers” that reflect your teens impact.

(One example, ove 3 years, a teen ms community service impacted more than 300 young children ages 3 to 16 in his home town.
Another example, over 5 years from age 12-17 a teen’s community service not only impacted her local area at 2 public high schools, other adults took notice, recreated her program and expanded it to elementary schools across the state, impacting thousands of youth for the next 10 years!
No, she didn’t cure cancer or start a non profit for the homeless.)

What do your teens LOVE to do? How can they grow with it? Would it become their career? How can it be implemented as a commune service?


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