Before You Start, start with, "Why."

As you are setting goals for the new year and making plans to get to those goals don’t forget to focus on your “Why”.
If you haven’t watched Simon Sinek’s TEDx talk, “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action”, please do. It’s very enlightening.
If you want to INSPIRE your children and teens to greatness, start with, "Why."
I  didn’t realize that this style of parenting may have been a part of the success of our children but it certainly was. Not just because from a very young age they were given the “why” of nearly every instruction or expectation, but because the “why” taught them to use logic in making decisions. Yes, I did teach them formal logic as a high school elective but they had some of that from the moment they could walk.
It’s such a simple question. Yet in any given situation, the responding answer can be very profound. If not, if your first response is surface level, dig deeper.
Do you want your children to do well in high school or college?
Do you want them to go to college on scholarships?
(Note: I can’t afford to pay for college is NOT the answer. Families who CAN afford college also have their kids attending on scholarships. What is their “why”? Hint: It’s not about the money. Check out this article to learn more.)
Your answers will determine whether or not you and your children are successful, not only in the specific topic but also in life.
Your answers, your ultimate “why,” must go beyond the surface level to the part that inspires you and your teens to take ACTION.
You’re at the starting line.
The gun has fired. The flag has dropped.
The longer you wait, the more ground you have to make up. And in some cases, that ship has sailed.
From middle school through college-start now.
Cracking the Code to Free College is everything you need to develop your teen’s winning personal brand for college admissions, scholarships, college internships, and post-graduate employment.
A brand that says, “I’m Awesome! I’m a Winner! Choose Me!”
What’s your "Why?"

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