Free Application Week 2023

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2023

College applications can be pricey when you add it all up.
Here is a list of states that offer free college applications during a certain week. 

Alabama Oct. 17–21

Colorado Oct. 17–19

Delaware hosts a variety of College Application Month events

In Idaho, contact your student's high school to see if they have a "Next Steps" Month event planned.

In Illinois, contact your student's high school to see if they have a College Changes Everything Month event planned

Indiana's College Application Week took place Sept. 26–30, but some Indiana schools offer free applications to in-state students year-round, and free FAFSA virtual workshops will be held throughout the fall. Visit Learn More Indiana.

Maryland's virtual College Application Campaign runs from Oct. 1–Nov. 12.

The Minnesota State system of colleges and universities is hosting special visits (including virtual) in October, and students can apply for free at any time during October.

The University of Mississippi Free Application Day Weekend is Oct. 16–18.

Montana's College Application Weeks run from Oct. 2–13.

New York's College Application Month is October.

North Carolina's NC Countdown to College week is Oct. 16–20.

Ohio College Application Month runs Oct. 1–Nov. 15.

Oklahoma College App Week took place in late September, but you can find resources here.

South Carolina high schools hold college application events from August through December.

South Dakota's College Application Week/College Access Campaign runs Oct. 1–Nov. 30.

October is Utah's College Application and Financial Aid Awareness Month; contact your student's high school to locate events near you.

Virginia's College Application Week is Oct. 24–28.

Washington, DC College Application and Exploration events will be held Nov 1–30.

West Virginia College Application & Exploration Week is Oct. 30–Nov. 3.

 Your State Not Listed?

Call your student's high school to ask if they are hosting an event or to find out if there is one at another high school in your area.

You can also visit the website for the American College Application Campaign or Google your state’s Department of education to see if there will be free events in your area.

Do all colleges accept application fee waivers?

No, not all colleges accept application fee waivers. Search colleges via our College Search tool and you can look up a school's application fee waiver policy on its profile under the Admissions section.

Additional list of colleges with no application fees


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