Don’t Skip the ACT!

act Jun 03, 2022

Don't buy into the "schools are test-optional" mantra and end up missing out on tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships.

#1 Less than 50% of colleges were test-optional for admissions. (Most still want them for scholarships. or for special groups.) 

#2 Within 3 years 90% will return to test-required. 

Will your teen be late to the party?

These exams are tied to BIG scholarships. My 2 kids won more than $50,000 in college and state scholarships where the ACT scores were a deciding factor. That's REAL money.

Taking the exams can also help your teen place out of introductory college classes in English and Math. That also saves money and time.

If you want comprehensive details on preparing for the ACT exam. Click here!

To Your Success,

P.S. Waiting until the middle of junior year to take these exams is one of the most ridiculous, self-serving pieces of advice that high school counselors give. If you want to why it’s a bad idea to wait, email me! I’m happy to help you strategize the best ways to get big money for your kids.


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