Does Your Kid Have Writer’s Block for College Essays?

Kid got writers block?

Here’s the thing… the entire college application is filled with
-Grades, GPA, Test scores (stats)
-Lists of activities, community service, employment, maybe some leadership roles.


What’s missing is WHO you are and what’s important to you.

There is no such thing as “a topic” they haven’t heard before. None. They’ve heard it all. I promise!

What you are looking for is what is missing from your application that says more than what is there.

YOU/(your teen)-are more than a GPA/test scores/list of activities.

Who are you?

What are your character traits and WHAT stories show that?

What are your values and WHAT shows that?

Have you ever noticed an object or a scent repeatedly reminds you of someone important in your life?-why is that person important-but remember the essay is not about the other person it’s about the student. How they think, or what THING may have occurred that changed his perspective/thoughts on something/on life.
My son wrote about his first martial arts tournament after receiving his first degree black belt. He lost. His essay was his about his dilemma of how to move forward after that. (The essay not only won admissions but was repurposed for private scholarships and won a crap load of money.)

My daughter wrote about how her grandfather taught her to waltz and how that 30-minute time frame changes her life and the lives of countless other youth in her state. (Again the essay was repurposed for various private scholarships that won tons of cash.)

It’s not about the topic.. it’s about the student, their character, who they are.

Essay prompts are a jumping off point to get you thinking. Many times there are many options or a “write what you want”, if nothing really fits well.


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