Colleges that offer FREE tuition. Is it real?

Uncategorized Oct 14, 2022
Let's talk about colleges that offer "free" tuition. (Notice, I have "Free" in quotations. Nothing in life is free. It's costing someone something. But that's not my point today.)
I've noticed an occasional media article touting XYZ college offering "Free Tuition", "Needs Met", or a "No Student Loan" policy.
First, the odds are this is only true for a segment of the population-usually very low income. It usually doesn't cover fees, room, board, or books.
 Also, a "Needs Met" or Meets Need school usually means you will have to come up with the FAFSA EFC but no more than that. (Most families will tell you they'd have to sell their house to have a chance of covering their EFC for 4 years for one child.)
Every time you read headlines like this PROCEED WITH CAUTION. It's more likely to be media hype than anything you can use.
I don't mean to bust anyone's bubble here, but taking a realistic approach as early as possible will save you time, money, disappointment, and tears.
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