Choosing Homeschool High School Curriculum

Let your homeschooled high school student help choose the curriculum for a particular subject. Whether you attend a homeschool convention together, go to a resale store, or ... order it online with a 30-day money-back guarantee...
Narrow it down to two or three textbooks, then let your teen make the final selection. Vendors use different fonts and photos that will appeal to your teen. So let them choose.
Having ownership in the decision, they are more willing to give it a fair chance.😁

My teens were given an opportunity to choose between Abeka and Bob Jones University Press for both Literature courses and History courses. Both vendor curriculums filled the purpose quite well. For high school maths and sciences, I did the research and made the choice for them. And yes, I used different vendors throughout my homeschool from an early age. The only thing I encourage sticking with is high school math. Be sure your high school math curriculum will cover everything needed. Then try to stick with that one vendor for the duration. (There are exceptions of course.) The reason for not switching math vendors in high school is that you risk missing something from say the 9th grade to 10th-grade books because even if the title is the same, concepts may be taught in a previous textbook you might end up lacking.


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