Applying to colleges in their Junior year?? Your teen does not have to wait until August 1 to apply to colleges

It drives me insane when I read a post/question where 99% of parents answering the question are misinformed. Many are making assumptions. Others are quoting their high school counselor or some admissions meeting they attended.

(NOTE: This is not to be confused with the Early Action (EA) applications! EA is a specific type of application selection for colleges that offer an early look and an earlier than regular decision notification of acceptance. EA is literally a checkbox on the application. For some colleges with EA applications they have a set period of time that they review those applications, thus even if it were an option to submit, let’s say during the summer, they won’t review it until that period of time comes.)

Most believe college applications open August 1.
Not exactly. 
The “common app” opens on August 1, but it only covers 1/3 of colleges, and those colleges also have their own applications. The common app is a convenience, not necessarily a requirement for all 1/3 of those colleges.

There are plenty of colleges with open or rolling admissions application dates (earlier than August 1) and yes, your teen can apply to these colleges and universities during their junior year, for the fall after senior year.

My daughter did that m, applied to her first college in March of her junior year, and was offered a full ride scholarship. Why did she apply so yearly? Because we presumed nothing was going to change in the 6 months between the spring of junior year and the fall of senior year-GPA, test scores, activities-so why not apply now?

Tthe following is NOT a complete list but there are a large number of colleges on this list.

Got the stats?

Interested in any of these colleges?

Why not apply early? You’ll have less competition with admissions personnel reading your application. They may give your application more time. And like with my daughter, they may offer the $$$,$$$ long before anyone else has even applied!

The only hinderance is if you have a high school counselor who cannot or will not submit your transcript early.



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