Teen entrepreneurship is a great way to stand out

These days having a great GPA is par for the course. Your teen needs something that isn't what everyone else is doing. Help your teen get started with their own small business.

(Who knows? They just might buy their own car, or put some cash aside for college expenses.)


I'm Denise Thomas

I've owned a business of some kind since I was a teenager teaching other kids how to play the guitar. Both of my kids also had their own businesses as teens.

My son loved to cook and won local and state cooking competitions throughout high school. I knew when he went off to college that at least he wouldn't starve! My daughter was a ballroom dance athlete from age 9, a competitor, and a 7x gold medal champion. She taught and still teaches ballroom dance to couples. They attended college on 17 scholarships totaling $199,000.

Teen entrepreneurship is one of several ways your teen can stand out in college apps that I teach in my Cracking the Code to Free College course for parents. Help your teen find something they love.

Denise is a TEDx speaker, international best-selling author, international speaker, and CEO of Get Ahead of the Class. She is YOUR debt-free college coach.

"Thank you again, Denise, for all of your advice - wading our way thru the college years would be so difficult without your wisdom!"

- Theresa L

"Thank you Denise for your extra support and guidance with the process. My daughter was accepted into her college's awesome leadership program!"

- Laura W

"Not only is my son attending college on multiple scholarships, but so am I! Thank you for all you do and have done to help me and my son."

- Joy G