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Next Steps: 

1. Complete the questionnaire to get your booking link for your call.

2. Schedule your call to discuss

---Where you are in the (high school/college) process

---What you want to see working

---Discuss if I have a program that is a good fit for your family and let's get your young adult on the path to a debt-free degree. 


Want your child to graduate college debt free degree?
It's never too early to begin. 

It doesn't come from wishing. It comes from having a plan and a strategy.

You can't afford NOT to be formulating that strategy NOW.

Between my son and daughter, one could not fill in enough 'checkboxes' for large scholarships. The other became a semi-finalist to one of the largest scholarship contests in the nation. When you KNOW what your teen needs, you can formulate a plan to make it happen. 

  • What activities are so impressive they stay on your teen's resume forever?
  • WHEN to take college entrance exams? (It's NOT what you think.) WHAT strategies will improve their score? and WHY are some colleges test-optional?
  • HELP! I have a senior!
  • How to create an application that markets your teen to the college?
  • How can your young adult get more free money while in college?

What are you waiting for? We would love to be able to help, in order for us to do so, please fill in the questionnaire. 

During our call, I'll get to know your goals and your needs. You'll get to know me and my programs. Then we'll decide if I have a program that is a good fit for your family. If not, I'll do my best to recommend someone who can help you.