Your Kids Can go to College on Other People's Cash!

YES! Your kids CAN go to college on other people's cash, even if you are making 6-figures or more.

This is a Hands on workshop. Find local, regional and national scholarships while avoiding scholarship scams! 

"Finding scholarships is easy once you know the secret.  This is how my 2 homeschooled kids found the $199,000 in scholarships that they won!"

* Scholarships YOUR child has the best chance of winning
* Local, Regional, National Scholarships
* Stay Organized to Not Miss Deadlines
* Avoid Scholarship Scams

(This is my $497 course, never before offered as a FREE workshop!)

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What if I foot the bill for my kid's college education?

Have you done the math?
The potential income loss is HUGE!

A measly $101,448 (the 4-year average for a state university cost of attendance), can be a loss of more than $800,000. (Retirement Withdrawal Calculator)

Want to use your retirement for your kid's college fund? Bad idea.

Financial advisors tell me their clients expect to withdraw from their retirement funds for their children's college education. Bad idea.

"If you deplete your retirement savings, or if you don’t save for retirement at all because you put all your money towards college, you could end up depending on your kids instead of supporting yourself during retirement." (Ramsey Solutions)

"You can't eat a diploma." ~Denise Thomas

When is the BEST time to search for scholarships?

When is the best time to search for scholarships?

Start right where you are! There are scholarships available for every grade level from kindergarten to post grad and doctoral school. The earlier you start the more opportunities there are! But it's NEVER too late to start!

"Don't stop looking for FREE MONEY until the last parchment is in hand!"~Denise Thomas

What is everyone else is doing?: Most wait until they’ve already been accepted to colleges and have a financial aid offer that falls short. By then they’ve left a lot of money on the table and scrambling to find tens of thousands of dollars. Senior year scholarships begin with deadlines in May right after junior year. And there are many available for all high school grade levels.

This FREE Advanced College Scholarships Workshop is exactly how I found the scholarships that earned my kids $199,000 and 4-years of college debt free with cash left over!

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Meet Denise!

International best-selling author, TEDxTenayaPaseo speaker, and coach to parents of college-bound teens, Denise Thomas’s mission is to inspire, educate, and equip parents who take an active role in supporting their children to live a life of financial freedom.  Denise is a 20-year homeschool veteran having homeschooled her two children from Pre-k through high school. Using her proprietary repeatable strategy both attended their first-choice college on 17 scholarships exceeding $199,000, walking out of college with cash in hand. Denise says, you can keep your money. Send your kids to college on other people's cash! 

“College doesn't have to be a DEBT sentence.”~Denise Thomas

Can Anyone Win Scholarships?!

YES! Most applications don't ask for GPA or test scores!


"My daughter won scholarships from our local Lions Club, water company, and college alumni group!"


Denise "has helped me to refine my search for scholarships. As a result I have found many additional opportunities and have already begun to guide my daughter in the application process. She has submitted two applications just this week!"


I won 6 scholarships from $500 to $8000! Local, state, and national scholarships.


I won my first scholarship as a high school junior and won 7 more during senior year. The scholarships ranged from $350 to $10,000!


"$10,000 won from my apartment complex!"


"My kid won $10,000 from UPS."

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