Forget what you've been told. Anyone can win scholarships.

scholarships Nov 04, 2020

Scholarships are free money for every age, income, and GPA
Forget what you've been told. Anyone can win scholarships.

You may be thinking, 'No Way!' because that's what we've been told. Even high school counselors have been perpetuating these myths for decades. But the bottom line is that the majority of the 1.7 million scholarship opportunities don't ask for GPA or income level. So yes, your family can be making 6 or 7 figures and your teen can still apply to and win scholarships for college. 

This week I posted 2 scholarships to my Facebook group: Parents Talk College and Scholarships, one for a high school senior and one for a current college student. (Yes, there are scholarship opportunities for students from kindergarten through doctoral/professional school. Never stop looking for free money until the last parchment is in hand!) 

IF your students are NOT high school seniors or current college students today, keep these in your scholarship spreadsheet for when your kids are eligible. My scholarship course also shows you how to organize the scholarships you find in the course.

If you have a high school senior, they may be able to apply for this scholarship. This is one of the many scholarships my son won.:

If you have a college student, they should apply to this $20,000 scholarship due at the end of the month.

To know how to FIND and WIN scholarships and have colleges begging your teen to attend their school, check out Cracking the Code to Free College ( is every step that got my 2 homeschooled teens 17 scholarships totaling $199,000 and had colleges calling our house!


Happy scholarship hunting!
Denise Thomas
Your Debt-Free College Coach


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