Let's Find Scholarships!

There are literally 1.7 million scholarship opportunities (more than 22 billion dollars) and they start in Kindergarten! Yes, no matter what the age, there are scholarships your child qualifies to apply for. Don't leave money on the table. Begin TODAY!


Advanced College Scholarships: 
Find Scholarships in 5 Days!

This video course shows you the strategies I personally use and recommend to find scholarships your child has the best chance of WINNING!

And isn't that the point?

I often hear parents say, 'My kid applied to x # of scholarships and didn't win any.'

It doesn't have to be that way when you know how to search strategically.

Waiting until you know there's a gap in your finances is a huge mistake. By that time your teen has missed hundreds of opportunities.

My daughter's first WIN was the very first scholarship she applied for - a national scholarship for $10,000 won in high school Junior year. Using these strategies my two homeschooled kids won 17 scholarships totaling $199,000. Then they won additional scholarships during college. And, "No, your kids don't have to be geniuses to win scholarships." 1/2 of the scholarships my kids won, $100,000 worth, did not ask for GPA or test scores. It was simply writing an essay.

No Fluff! You'll take immediate action!
KEY phrases to find opportunities your teen has the best chance of winning.
How to find LOCAL scholarships.
How to find STATE and REGIONAL scholarships.
The right way to find NATIONAL scholarships.
How to avoid scholarship SCAMS. 
And Much More!

The money is out there. Begin by finding it!

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Don't Wait! Start Now!
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"My daughter won scholarships from our local Lions Club, water company, and college alumni group!"

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"My son won scholarships from the Better Business Bureau, Questbridge, Elks Most Valuable Student, Chamber of Commerce, and Carson Scholars."

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"My daughter just won a $12,500 renewable scholarship for children of parents in the financial services industry!"

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"My son won several scholarships. The most recent was a local Rotary scholarship for $2000 renewable for up to 4 years for a total of $8000. To other parents-Apply and apply strategically!"

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"$10,000 won from my apartment complex!"


"My kid won $10,000 from UPS."

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"This course has helped me to refine my search for scholarships. As a result I have found many additional opportunities and have already begun to guide my daughter in the application process. She has submitted two applications just this week!"

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I won 6 scholarships from $500 to $8000! Local, state, and national scholarships.

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I won my first scholarship as a high school junior and won 7 more during senior year. The scholarships ranged from $350 to $10,000!